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rolex daytona 2016 List of NASCAR video games Source: Updated: 2017-05-15T20:46Z

NASCAR , the most popular motorsport in the United States, has worked with video game developers to design several video games. In 2003, EA Sports received an exclusive console license to produce NASCAR games, eliminating Papyrus and Hasbro Interactive as competitors. In May 2009, received a license to run NASCAR-sanctioned online racing starting in 2010. In June 2009 at the E3 Gaming Expo, NASCAR was revealed to be a part of the Gran Turismo series for the first time in Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3 .

Contents 1 Developers 1.1 Papyrus Design Group 1.2 Electronic Arts 1.3 2010–present 1.3.1 Eutechnyx 1.3.2 Dusenberry Martin Racing / 704Games 1.4 Other 1.5 List 2 Games with NASCAR as a non-core element 3 See also 4 References 5 External links

Developers Papyrus Design Group

In 1994, Papyrus Design Group , an up-and-coming simulation racing developer (at the time) that was best known for the IndyCar Racing series, released the first installation to the NASCAR Racing Series into the video game market. [1] The game was a huge success. This game, with its revolutionary and dynamic car physics system, changed the image of many people that thought NASCAR was "just a boring sport where you watched cars make left hand turns all day".

Over the next decade Papyrus teamed with Sierra Entertainment and continued producing games for their NASCAR Racing series. The NASCAR Racing games were universally praised for their accuracy in terms of physics and track feel, with NASCAR Cup and Xfinity (formerly Nationwide) Series drivers regularly practicing for upcoming tracks using the games. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. , Denny Hamlin , and Martin Truex, Jr. still use the game for training. Prior to sweeping both races at Pocono in 2006, Denny Hamlin had only seen the track in NASCAR Racing 2003 Season .

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts , through their EA Sports banner, developed NASCAR games for the original PlayStation , Sega Saturn , and Nintendo 64 under names such as NASCAR 98 , NASCAR 99 , NASCAR 2000 and NASCAR Road Racing . Also, a big hit for the company was NASCAR Rumble , a spin-off of the normal NASCAR racing games. The company expanded into NASCAR games for PC, Game Boy Color for their 2000 game, and the PlayStation 2 for their 2001 game, the last under the old name. For 2002, the series was renamed NASCAR Thunder , and by 2003, has simultaneously been released on GameCube , Xbox , PlayStation 2 , PC , and the original PlayStation .

EA Sports decided to split their old "Thunder" titles into two separate racing lines; one for consoles focused on gameplay, and one for PC, which attempted to focus on technical accuracy in the spirit of the old Papyrus/Sierra lines – indeed the PC game used many former members of the Papyrus development teams (although David Kaemmer was not involved). The games were given differing names, as to not confuse the two, with the console series renamed NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup (released in 2004, a reference to the new NASCAR playoff format) and the PC series renamed NASCAR SimRacing (released in 2005). Sweeping gameplay changes meant that the "Chase for the Cup" name was dropped from the 2006 edition of the console game. Instead, the game was titled NASCAR 06: Total Team Control . The new name is derived from the new feature by which a player who has teammates in the field can actually switch to their teammates' cars and control them during a race. It was released on August 30, 2005. Released on September 6, 2006, NASCAR 07 was EA Sports' tenth game in the series. NASCAR 09 was the final game in the EA Sports NASCAR series. It is available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as PlayStation 2. The NASCAR series took a different approach in 2009, as EA introduced NASCAR Kart Racing on the Wii console. It was later announced that EA would not make a NASCAR 10 , and the series is currently on hiatus because of a drop in sales and now has lost the license they had with NASCAR since 2003.


Starting in 2010, EA's license to make NASCAR games expired. Gran Turismo 5 features NASCAR in the game with cars from 2010 season and some tracks on the NASCAR schedule; 2011 season cars were added later in an update. Also, and NASCAR started an Online Racing Series which started in 2010 and the NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series later that year. iRacing and NASCAR have a close partnership and by the start of the 2014 season. The simulation had every car make/model that has run in Sprint Cup from 2013 and 2014 seasons and every track that the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series on the simulation. Other games that came out with NASCAR licensing after 2010 included Days of Thunder: Arcade (based on Days of Thunder ), which is a game sold as a Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network game for the Xbox 360 and PS3.


In 2010, it was confirmed that Eutechnyx will begin creating games based on NASCAR starting in 2011 with NASCAR The Game: 2011 . [1] On May 18, 2012, Eutechnyx announced that NASCAR The Game: Inside Line was released on November 6, 2012. Afterwards, Eutechnyx announced two new games: the first NASCAR licensed video game for iOS , and NASCAR The Game: 2013 for Steam . Eutechnyx switched publishers for NASCAR '14 to Deep Silver after having Activision publishing previous games of the NASCAR The Game series. DMi Games was announced to replace Eutechnyx for NASCAR '15 on January 1, 2015.

Dusenberry Martin Racing / 704Games

In January 2015, Dusenberry Martin Racing announced that they will take over the NASCAR license and begin developing new games in 2016, as well as releasing a Eutechnyx -developed update game for the 2015 season. DMR is an American-based company located in the NASCAR Plaza building in Uptown, Charlotte, North Carolina. The company is headed by former Hasbro Interactive CEO Tom Dusenberry (developers of the NASCAR Heat series) and Ed Martin, former executive at Papyrus , Hasbro, Atari , EA Sports , and most recent licensee Eutechnyx . [2] [3] [4] [5] DMR partnered with NASCAR Heat developer Monster Games to create NASCAR Heat Evolution . [6]

In 2017, DMR rebranded to 704Games and hired former NASCAR Media Group President, NASCAR Senior Vice President and DMR chairman Paul Brooks as CEO. [7]


Other NASCAR games include Hasbro Interactive 's NASCAR Heat ; Papyrus' NASCAR Legends , which took players back to the 1970 season, featuring a different point system, and many different tracks. There is also a pinball game. This game was based on the NASCAR Racing 3 engine; EA Sports' NASCAR Revolution (released between NASCAR 99 , which came out in 1998, and NASCAR 2000 , which came out in 1999); and NASCAR Rumble , an EA game incorporating some of the features of Nintendo 's Mario Kart series, but with NASCAR car designs. On June 3, 2009, at Sony 's Electronic Entertainment Expo conference, a trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 3 game Gran Turismo 5 featured NASCAR as one of several new licenses that was included in the game. [8]

List Title Release date Platform(s) Developer Publisher Richard Petty's Talladega 1985 Commodore 64 , Atari XL Cosmi Electronic Arts Days of Thunder 1990 Amiga , Atari ST , C64 , DOS , Game Boy , NES , ZX Spectrum Argonaut Software Mindscape Group Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge April 1991 NES Konami Konami NASCAR Racing 1994 PC , Macintosh Papyrus Sierra Kyle Petty's No Fear Racing 1995 SNES Williams Entertainment Williams Entertainment NASCAR Racing September 30, 1996 PlayStation Papyrus Sierra NASCAR Racing 2 November 30, 1996 PC Papyrus Sierra NASCAR 98 August 31, 1997 Sega Saturn , PlayStation EA Sports Electronic Arts NASCAR 99 1998 Nintendo 64 , PlayStation Stormfront Studios Electronic Arts NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition 1998 PC Papyrus Sierra Trivial Pursuit: NASCAR 1999 PC Hasbro Interactive Hasbro Interactive NASCAR Revolution January 31, 1999 PC Stormfront Studios Electronic Arts NASCAR Craftsman Truck Racing April 1, 1999 PC Sierra Sierra NASCAR Racing 3 August 31, 1999 PC Papyrus Sierra NASCAR 2000 September 30, 1999 PC ,

Nintendo 64 , Game Boy Color , PlayStation

EA Sports Electronic Arts NASCAR Legends October 31, 1999 PC Papyrus Sierra NASCAR Rumble January 31, 2000 PlayStation Electronic Arts Electronic Arts NASCAR 2001 September 19, 2000 PlayStation 2 ,


Black Box EA Sports NASCAR Heat September 27, 2000 PlayStation ,

Game Boy Color , PC

Monster Games Hasbro Interactive NASCAR Racers 2000 PlayStation ,

Game Boy Color , PC

Majesco Entertainment Majesco Entertainment NASCAR Arcade 2000 Arcade Sega AM3 / Electronic Arts Sega NASCAR Racing 4 February 6, 2001 PC Papyrus Sierra NASCAR Thunder 2002 October 2, 2001 PlayStation 2 ,

Xbox , PlayStation

EA Sports Electronic Arts NASCAR Heat 2002 November 14, 2001 PlayStation 2 ,

Game Boy Advance , Xbox

Monster Games Atari NASCAR Racing 2002 Season February 14, 2002 PC , Macintosh Papyrus Sierra NASCAR Thunder 2003 September 19, 2002 PC ,

PlayStation 2 , Xbox , GameCube , PlayStation

EA Sports EA Sports NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona November 11, 2002 PlayStation 2 ,


Monster Games Infogrames NASCAR Racing 2003 Season February 14, 2003 PC , Macintosh Papyrus Sierra NASCAR Thunder 2004 September 16, 2003 PC ,

PlayStation 2 , Xbox , PlayStation

Electronic Arts Electronic Arts NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup August 31, 2004 PlayStation 2 ,

Xbox , GameCube

EA Tiburon Electronic Arts NASCAR SimRacing February 15, 2005 PC EA Tiburon Electronic Arts NASCAR 06: Total Team Control August 30, 2005 PlayStation 2 ,


EA Sports EA Sports NASCAR 07 September 6, 2006 PlayStation 2 ,

Xbox , PSP

EA Sports EA Sports NASCAR 08 July 23, 2007 PlayStation 2 ,

PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360

EA Tiburon EA Sports EA Sports NASCAR Racing August 3, 2007 Arcade EA Sports Global VR NASCAR 09 June 10, 2008 Xbox 360 ,

PlayStation 2 , PlayStation 3

EA Tiburon EA Sports Days of Thunder February 5, 2009 iPhone Unknown Freeverse NASCAR Kart Racing February 10, 2009 Wii EA Sports EA Sports Days of Thunder: Arcade February 22, 2011 PlayStation Network , Xbox Live Arcade Piranha Games Paramount Digital Entertainment NASCAR The Game: 2011 March 29, 2011

May 24, 2011

PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360


Eutechnyx Eutechnyx and Activision NASCAR Unleashed November 1, 2011 PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 , Wii , Nintendo 3DS Firebrand Games Activision NASCAR The Game: Inside Line November 6, 2012 PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 , Wii , Eutechnyx Eutechnyx and Activision NASCAR The Game: 2013 July 24, 2013 PC Eutechnyx Eutechnyx and Activision NASCAR Red Line October 3, 2013 iPhone , iPad , Android Eutechnyx Limited Eutechnyx Limited and Activision NASCAR '14 February 18, 2014 PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 , Microsoft Windows Eutechnyx Eutechnyx and Deep Silver NASCAR '15 May 22, 2015 PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 , Microsoft Windows , Steam Eutechnyx Deep Silver NASCAR '15 Victory Edition October 14, 2015 PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 , Microsoft Windows , Steam Eutechnyx Dusenberry Martin Racing NASCAR Heat Evolution September 13, 2016 PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , Microsoft Windows Monster Games 704Games 704Games NASCAR Heat Mobile March 8, 2017 April 25, 2017 iPhone , iPad , Android 704Games 704Games NASCAR Heat 2 September 25, 2017 PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , Microsoft Windows Monster Games 704Games 704Games Games with NASCAR as a non-core element

This list includes games which have a NASCAR license but are not based specifically around it (such as racing simulators with other series/disciplines of racing worked into them, or which have mods which add NASCAR cars and/or tracks).

Title Release date Platform(s) Developer Publisher Trackmania November 2003 Microsoft Windows , Nintendo DS , Wii Nadeo Enlight Roblox May 16, 2009 starting making NASCAR models Microsoft Windows , Mac OS X Roblox Corporation Roblox Corporation Rigs of Rods August 5, 2005 Microsoft Windows , Linux , Mac OS Pierre-Michel Ricordel OGRE Crashday February 23, 2006 Microsoft Windows Replay Studios Atari FlatOut 2 August 1, 2006 Microsoft Windows , Mac OS X , PlayStation 2 , Xbox , PlayStation Portable Bugbear Entertainment Empire Interactive RFactor August 31, 2006 Microsoft Windows Image Space Incorporated Image Space Incorporated ARCA Sim Racing '08 March 5, 2008 Microsoft Windows The Sim Factory The Sim Factory August 26, 2008 PC Gran Turismo 5 November 24, 2010 PlayStation 3 Polyphony Digital Sony Trackmania 2 August 17, 2011 PC Nadeo Ubisoft Forza Motorsport 4 October 11, 2011 Xbox 360 Turn 10 Studios Microsoft Studios Real Racing 3 2013 (1st NASCAR update released September 2015) iOS , Android Firemonkeys Electronic Arts Gran Turismo 6 December 5, 2013 PlayStation 3 Polyphony Digital Sony Project CARS May 8, 2015 PC , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One Slightly Mad Studios Slightly Mad Studios Forza Motorsport 6 September 15, 2015 (NASCAR Expansion released May 17, 2016) Xbox One Turn 10 Studios Microsoft Studios See also ARCA Sim Racing '08 – a simulator for the sister ARCA Racing Series References ^ a b Robinson, Jon (October 4, 2010). "NASCAR revs up video game return" . . ESPN . Retrieved 30 May 2015 .   ^ Martin, Ed (January 17, 2015). "An open letter to NASCAR fans from DMi" . . DMi Games . Retrieved 12 April 2015 .   ^ HC2 Holdings, Inc. (January 15, 2015). "HC2's Subsidiary DMi, Inc. Acquires Exclusive NASCAR Gaming Rights With Multi-Year Agreement" . . Herndon, Virginia : Marketwired . Retrieved 12 April 2015 .   ^ Makuch, Eddie (April 10, 2015). "NASCAR 15 Is Exclusive (at Retail) to GameStop" . . GameSpot . Retrieved 12 April 2015 .   ^ "About Us" . . Dusenberry Martin Racing, DMi Games. 2015 . Retrieved 16 May 2015 .   ^ Jensen, Tom (May 20, 2016). "Dusenberry Martin Racing to unveil new NASCAR video game" . . Retrieved May 20, 2016 .   ^ "Dusenberry Martin Racing Combines with Industry Leader to Create 704Games" . American City Business Journals . March 21, 2017 . Retrieved March 21, 2017 .   ^ External links Electronic Arts NASCAR Racing Games NASCAR Racing Games | style="bold"| (Free) Links to related articles v t e NASCAR Chairmen and presidents Bill France Sr. Bill France Jr. Mike Helton Brian France Major national racing series Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Daytona 500 Xfinity Series Camping World Truck Series Regional / local racing series K&N Pro Series East West Whelen Modified Whelen Modified Tour Whelen Southern Modified Tour Weekly Short Track Racing Whelen All-American Series International series NASCAR Australia NASCAR in Australia AUSCAR NASCAR Canada Pinty's Series NASCAR Europe Whelen Euro Series NASCAR Mexico PEAK Mexico Series Online racing series NASCAR iRacing Series NASCAR Series NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series Former series AutoZone Elite Division Midwest Series Northwest Series Southeast Series Southwest Series Other series Baby Grand National / Dash Series Busch All-Star Tour Convertible Division Grand American Grand National East Mini Stocks Speedway Division Special events Toyota All-Star Showdown UNOH Battle at the Beach Television and radio CBS ESPN/ABC Fox/Fox Sports 1 Hot Pass IndyCar Radio Network Motor Racing Network NBC/NBCSN Performance Racing Network Speed TNT Lists All-time Cup Series winners Camping World Truck Series champions Drivers Fatalities Female drivers Seasons Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champions Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Manufacturers' champions Teams Former teams Series Tracks Triple Threat winners Video games Xfinity Series champions Topics Buschwhacker Car of Tomorrow Generation 6 (NASCAR) NASCAR playoffs Criticism Dash 4 Cash Drive for Diversity Fuel injection Hall of Fame Lore Road course ringer Race Team Alliance Rookie of the Year Rules and regulations Safety in NASCAR Start and park Streamline Hotel Book Category Commons Portal v t e NASCAR video games 1980s Richard Petty's Talladega 1990s Days of Thunder Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge Racing Kyle Petty's No Fear Racing Racing 2 98 99 Racing 1999 Edition Revolution Racing 3 2000 Legends 2000s Rumble 2001 Heat Racers Arcade Racing 4 Thunder 2002 Heat 2002 Racing 2002 Season Thunder 2003 Dirt to Daytona Racing 2003 Season Thunder 2004 2005: Chase for the Cup SimRacing 06: Total Team Control 07 08 EA Sports NASCAR Racing 09 Days of Thunder 2 Kart Racing 2010s Car Town Gran Turismo 5 Gran Turismo 6 Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition The Game: 2011 Unleashed The Game: Inside Line '14 '15 Heat Evolution Forza Motorsport 6 Heat 2 Series Papyrus NASCAR Series EA Sports NASCAR series NASCAR The Game series

Ten tips to drive a kart faster! Posted in: General | June 14, 2011

It doesn’t matter how quick you are in a kart… there is always someone faster. Imagine being the second fastest karter in the UK about 12 years ago when Lewis Hamilton was winning everything.

Over the last 21 years, I have watched over a million people drive karts. Some have been quick and some haven’t. Well this blog aims to help you go quicker… maybe not as quickly as Lewis but quicker than you were before you read these ten tips. I hope you find them useful.

1 -Relax in the kart.

In order to handle well, the kart chassis needs to flex. If you are rigid in the seat, then the kart cannot flex as well. If you can relax yourself, the expensive, soft chassis can flex better and grip better.

2 – Don’t lean forward.

As you probably know, car manufacturers spend millions trying to give a car perfect balance. As with cars, the kart’s centre of gravity is important when it comes to handling. If you lean forward, then you move the centre of gravity forward and risk upsetting the handling. Just settle back in to the seat.

3 – Don’t lean in on the bends.

It seems counter-intuitive – especially if you have ever watched Valentino Rossi sliding his knees across the kerbs during a Moto GP race – but leaning in actually slows you down! Karts have  a solid rear axle; in other words the back wheels are locked together. If you think about the back wheels going round a corner, the outside wheel has to go a lot further than the inside wheel. In order to achieve this, the kart’s steering geometry is set up to effectively lift one front wheel so the kart can lean onto the other front wheel and allow the inside back wheel to lift off the tarmac and thus overcome the lack of rear differential. If you lean in, you actually counter the designed lift and thus make it more difficult to corner.

4 – The exit is more important that the entry.

In a single bend, the speed you enter the corner will usually dictate the speed you exit. Go in too fast and you come out too slow. Go in too slow and  you still come out too slow. Sort your entry speed before committing to the corner and you have the best chance of exiting quickly and enjoying that speed along the next straight.

5 – The last exit of a complex corner is more important that any other.

If you are approaching a series of complex bends that flow together, work backwards from the final exit. As above, the exit speed is more important that the entry speed. Where the exit of one bend becomes the entry to the next, it is critical that you leave the first bend in exactly the right place (and at the right speed) to enter the next one correctly to optimise the final exit speed. If you have driven Daytona Sandown Park, think about the complex three bends around the Pits. If you enter the Race Control Bend too fast, you run wide on the exit past the Pits. Your entry to the left-hander is thus flawed and you run wide on the exit, just when you should be keeping far left to get the best entry into the last bend onto the straight to ensure that you pass others along the straight – instead of being passed yourself.

6 – In the wet, steer with the throttle

For the same reason as in Point 3 above, a kart finds it very difficult to corner in the wet. Especially on slick tyres. Instead of lifting the inside back wheel, you will actually slide both back wheels around the corner. The best way to do this is to brake in a straight line on the approach to the corner, use the steering wheel to put on plenty of lock – and don’t panic when the kart just keeps going straight on. As you enter the corner, gently ease the accelerator down and the rear wheels will start to lose adhesion and will allow the under-steering front wheels to turn the kart. Too heavy on the accelerator and you spin. Too light and you don’t make it around the bend. Great drivers instinctively know how much throttle is required. For the rest of you, be ready to adjust your throttle as required mid-bend.

7 – Be lighter than the next guy – especially in the dry

With a complete kart weighing anything between 75 and 125 kgs, the driver’s weight is the single largest component. It goes without saying that an 80kg driver has a better power to weight ratio than a 110kg driver. Obviously the difference is reduced if you are racing in a more powerful karts, like the 22bhp Vodafone Dmax fleet – but it still makes a huge difference on a dry track. In wet conditions, the difference is reduced but not completely negated.

8 – Be smooth with the kart

We have all seen a driver going very quickly, jerking the steering, locking up the back wheels under braking, sliding the kart out of bends under full throttle. In some very rare circumstances, that can be quick. But 99% of the time, that same driver would be faster if he was smooth on all of the controls. Jensen Button won the Canadian Grand Prix two days ago thanks mainly to his very smooth driving style. Even though Lewis Hamilton’s driving looks very aggressive, he is actually very smooth with the controls. In a Formula One car, the braking and acceleration have to be smooth or you lock wheels on braking and spin them on acceleration. It is exactly the same in a kart.

9 – Be richer than the next guy

If you can afford the best chassis, engines, tyres, mechanics etc then you will be equipped to go quicker than more cost-conscious drivers. Obviously if you have all the gear but no idea, you won’t win races – but if you combine the best kit with all of the tips above then you will have a better chance of celebrating on the podium.

10 – Ignore all of the above if you really need to get past the guy in front

The previous nine tips will enable you to lap quickly and catch the drivers in front. BUT when it comes down to it, you actually need to overtake them. Driving smoothly, relaxing in the seat, leaning backwards and out, controlling corner entry speed etc is great until you realise that the guy in front is almost as good as you and thus you can’t drag past them down the main straight. So what do you do? You work out where your best chance lies and then you choose your moment perfectly, then you dive past him under braking, hoping that you can control the kart to make it round the bend AND keep him behind you on the exit whilst you settle back into your super smooth style to allow the gap to build up behind you.

Or you can ring Daytona and book some one-to-one tuition, with datalogging, onboard camera and some expert guidance. Not from me, of course. I just talk a good lap – but our instructors can deliver them – time after time.

Jim Graham Team Daytona

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